EME-Test's in 1988 by DF4NW


EME Amateur Radio Station



Antennasystem: 4xTonna 17 element, BF981 MOSFET mast pre-amplifier, receive/transmit antenna switching relays, coaxial matching transformer.


Equipment: RX Drake R-7, TX Braun SE-402, Accu-Keyer AZ-Rotor CDE T2X, EL-Rotor Kenpro KR 500, 1 KW PA installed under the roof remote controlled from the radio shack.




UKW-Berichte 2/1988

EME - Ein Einstieg by DF4NW


VHF Communications 4/1988

An Introduction to Moonbounce (EME) by DF4NW


Calculate Azimuth and Elevation of Moon and Sun

Download Programme WinOrbit (350 KB)


Demo, Radio Signals reflected from the Moon's Surface

Download File AudioEME.wav (1.2 MB)