DDS VFO by  N4YG/DF4NW * Up-Converter, 2nd Mixer, IF Switching Board by DK2OQ

New Style Frequency Display, RX-Pre-Amplifier, PA (2x RD100HHF1) by DF4NW,  Show PA 


New Style TR-7/R-7 Replacement Display

DPMA Reg.-No 20 2005 014 824.5 (German Patent Authorities)



A single unit consists of 6 digits and is designed to replace the original 2+4 digit unit.


Character height .39" (9.9mm)

Price per kit (RED, GREEN or YELLOW): EUR 40,00


Blue or Multi colour no longer available !!!


Specify LED color when ordering

Shipping charges see below.


One kit consists of:

- Display board

- Right angle connector - split unit

- Filter foil - SMOKE colour 

  Supplied in 2 different shades

  Suitable for all LED colours

For additional Installation Instructions click here


TR-7 Pre-Amplifier


All on one PC-Board

The board contains a pre-amplifier and gain selecting device.

With a touch contact switch a gain of 0dB, 6dB or 12dB can be selected.

A multi coloured LED can be connected to indicate the amplifier's actual switched-on gain.


The LED and self-adhesive  PRE-AMP. label, to paste over the .STORE  imprint on the upper panel, is supplied.


Frequency range: 1.8 to 30MHz

Size (HWL): 10x50x65mm


Price: EUR 48.00

Shipping charges see below.

For more info refer to the Installation Instructions

Click here to read about the History of the Pre-Amplifier


 TR-7 Escutcheon

Limited Quantity Available!

Inscription (A, Split, B) engraved

Price: EUR 12.00

Shipping charges see below.









Replaces the original VFO and
offers in addition split operation.

 Testing the DDS-VFO

  Demo DDS-VFO






TR-7 Power Supply Unit  


Generates the required Voltage for

the different Units of the TR-7

+5V, +10V, +24V, -5V 





Click here for comments of:

IK1AUS - Luka's TR7  with New Style Display and Pre-Amplifier

N9OO - TR7 with Blue LED Back Light and multi colour Display

NUC - Jim's all Blue TR7

PY2ATI - Carlos' Drake Line

PA1HFO - Marc's modernized TR7

DL7MAJ - Stefan's Drake Line with the Red New Style .39" Display

HB9DUT - Peter's all Blue Drake Line

PARCL - Ron's re-furbished TR7

WI6R - Dave, I love my new display on the Drake TR7

F6CHT - Joel's TR7 with the New Style Display


Shipping, packing and handling charges to be added:

Worldwide: EUR 25,00

Europe: EUR 12,00

Germany: EUR 5,00

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